“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”
~ Margaret Mead
When you search for #burningman online or it comes up in conversation it doesn’t take long for criticism and negativity to take over. We live in a world of duality, light and dark, good and evil, and the #burn can show you all sides of humanity.
When you attend the event for the first time you quickly realize that the container created by the participants and the 10 principles cannot be neatly put in a box and generalized. #Community and kindness in action is what we observe and experience. Incredible artists work all year to share their gift, camps create powerful experiences and spaces, people work tirelessly to give a gift to the community and ask nothing in return.
We set the container and ask for participation and yet some souls see it as an opportunity to strike. Thankfully, they are the minority. What is even more troublesome is those participants who feel and experience a new understanding, a new perspective, a new inner freedom and more empowering way to live but turn it off a week later once they plug back into their life.
Why is being kind to one another, encouraging others, asking someone’s name, being in love with life, feeling supported by your community, not a cultural standard? Since we live in a world where we are increasingly disconnected, where competition, greed, and superficial realities are rewarded we need you to remember, to BE the example for others to see.
It can be a lonely journey but you’re not alone, you know that now. You see what is possible when people work together. What if the great camps at burning man like @camp.walter @playalchemist #campmystic #redlightning and others continued to collaborate and came together to tackle some of the worlds biggest problems? I call these camps The Great Houses of the burn like the game of thrones. They are filled with beautiful people ready, willing and eager to make an impact in the world!
Many of these camps are collaborating, connecting and putting energy toward making a difference on the planet. We can begin the journey with our intention to simply be kind to ourselves and to others on a daily basis. We can then take the next step and take responsibility for how we make our living and what we offer our community and the world.
Finally, we can seek to support and collaborate with those who are making a difference in the world. We can work together hand in hand, heart to heart, dusty hug to dusty hug to imagine a better world and build it together. Wouldn’t that be beautiful?! Deep bows, gratitude, and eternal love to my brothers and sisters who are living embodiments of what it is to be a good human being and walk the path each and every day. Always an honour to see you! 🙏👁🙏
ART: Michael Benisty
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