Unity Grace says her journey reads like a sci-fi adventure. She is a natural Shaman, gifted Oracle and ascension guide who has walked the leylines of the earth for 7 years praying with water and carrying sacred bundles for the indigenous cultures fulfilling prophecies on the earth. This is an explosive episode and we explore;

– The power of word and sound
– Reconnecting with the elementals of the planet and why they’re upset
– What it means to be an “Oracle”
– Understanding brainwaves, frequencies, and Dimensions
– Unity’s mind-blowing sci-fi real life stories
– Gene Keys by Paul Rudd
– The Pineal Gland as a Sonar
– The 100th monkey event and activating Christ Consciousness
– Why the Vatican is hiding Powerful Sacred Books
– Being your own master and tending your mental garden
– The six core wounds
– The sacred power of water
– So . . . much More

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