Founder of Arturo Massaro gives us a beautiful, simple and practical download of information on how we can live our dreams. Arturo has years of experience and has helped people around the world uncover their dream life and has helped them achieve it. In this episode we discuss you will learn:

– The stages of living your dream
– L.I.F.E Acronym for creating your dream
– Taking 100% responsibility for yourself and actions
– A MAP for uncovering your dream
– How to decide between too many ideas when choosing your vision
– The importance of taking action
– Why you need to set the goal and let it go
– how stop complaining, blaming others, and taking your power back
– The power of awareness and how to cultivate it with simple practices
– Solution focused questions
– The importance of connecting with your source and utilizing it’s support
– Why you need to have faith and stretch beyond your comfort zone

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