David Lonebear Sanipass who is the Sagen (spiritual seer), story teller and elder of the Mi’kmaq national shares his stories on his first podcast. His purpose on this planet is to bring his teachings to the non-natives and after years of resistance he is finally here. What you are about to hear can be challenging for some and Dave and myself always recommend questioning everything and finding your own truth. Here are some topics we discuss;

– David’s story about how his birth was prophesied and how he grew up hidden on a mountain for 27 years learning Ancient Native teachings
– Atlantian technologies
– The story of the 1000 drums
– Growing up being able to see angels and beings
– His past and future meetings with the Dalai Lama
– A simple technique to see through the veil
– The core of the star teachings being Kindness, Compassion and Joy
– Crossing the river of death and what’s on the other side
– Phoenix lights
– Annunaki, Gerald Clark, Nassim Harramein, Sevan Bomar, Steven Greer and other leaders in bringing forth new perspectives in out of world research
– Gaia TV, Delores Canon, Barbara Marciniak and more
– Earth as a train station
– The compression of time on April 15th and how you can slingshot your projects into manifestation
– The copper scrolls
– The incredible story of what happened when David died for 72 seconds

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