Ed Harrold is an author, inspirational leader, public speaker, coach and educator. His mastery in the science of mindful breathing has guided him to apply conscious breathing practices in corporate health & performance coaching, fitness & athletic training, stress reduction and overall health and well-being.

Ed’s Website: https://www.edharrold.com/

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Show Notes:

He is the author of Life With Breath IQ + EQ = NEW YOU & BodyMindBusiness: The Business Of BE’ing Within.
Ed blends the fields of neuroscience and the wisdom of contemplative traditions into effective strategies to improve health, well-being and performance.

The power of breath
Body over mind vs Mind over body
Keeping your energy
Harnessing the energy of the mind
Live one breath at a time
“Life takes place one breath at a time” Ed Harold
“Life take place one action at a time”
The process of one breath, one thought, one action at a time
Blending the ancient and modern arts together
Understanding Angles and Perspectives
Seeing ourselves at our lowest potential and how to unlock our highest potential
The neuroscience of failure
The lower brain is active all the time and it’s job is to keep you alive
Addressing the fear in your mind
Give your entire being to something – think of something you’d like to create
Life is a participation sport
Most folks are visual/kinesthetic learners and cannot heal themselves in their mind
Our memories are stored in our fat cells
Moving from brain to the heart’s intelligence
Your Heart sends more information to the brain than the brain does to the heart
Defining a peak day for yourself and intending it
Evolving how you map the world both inner and outer
4 Pillars of health
Replacing quantity vs quality
Quality of Life
Quality of Day
Quality of second
The mechanics of breath
Ed’s breath teacher
The power of the diaphragm
The Vagus Nerve
The benefits of conscious breathing
Why so many struggle with meditation
How breath can make meditation easy
Why the subconscious is wired to either pain or pleasure
The power of noticing your emotions
How to consciously program your mind


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