Tevia Feng of White Tiger QiGong has been practicing martial arts, Qigong and meditation since the age of 7. He has travelled and trained with masters all over the world. He has published 3 books on Qi Gong and has taught thousands of students from professional athletes, martial arts champions, and more.

He is the master instructor at White Tiger Qigong and his mission is to open the pathway for people to ignite transformation and maximize potential creating a movement of a shift in consciousness to create global healing.

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His family having chronic illness
The wave technique for healing a bad back injury
What is QiGong?
Fascia Science โ€“ Books of Thomas Myers
Generating electric charges within the body
Functional QiGong
The 3 Stages of QiGong
John Chang Fire QiGong
Scientifically proven to shut down the mind
Overcoming the mind
Digging deep to find your own power
We suffer because we give up our own power
Changing the weather with the mind
The work of Dr. Joe Dispenza
Understanding Fascia
Losing control over emotional states
Why breathwork hacks the nervous system
QiGong breathwork vs Traditional Breathwork
Breath in (emotion) feel it in the body (where is it) Breath it out (make a sound)
Sound stimulates the vagus nerve โ€“
The sound for anxiety/stress is (whooooo)
Then bring in the antidote emotion (nurtured, earth, peaceful, spirit

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