Life coach and self worth/love guru Cassie Jeans drops in to share practical wisdom on how we can experience more self love and self worth. Here are some topics we discuss;

– Cassie’s experience of waking up
– A process for having more self worth and self love
– An in depth discussion on “Surrendering”
– How to step into your power as “enough” now!
– The cycle of thoughts, commitment, belief, responsibility and choice
– How to discover and remove harmful limiting beliefs and thoughts
– Cassie’s top books: Bernay Brown, The Extraordinary Mind by Vishen and Rise Sister Rise

Mindset, consciousness and self development coach and guru Nathaniel Solace drops in to share how e can consciously program our minds to achieve happiness, success and anything else we desire. Here are a few topics we discuss;

– How to overcome anxiety and depression and keep moving forward
– How to be kind to ourselves
– How to create an empowering default mental setting
– How to create a powerful self image and the importance of understanding what you believe about yourself
– Easy steps for creating a life map
– The power of action
– Upgrading the statement of “fake it until you make it” to “Be it until you see it”
– A simple intro to Neuroplasticity

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