Crrow777 is an independent researcher in alchemy, spagyrics, and natural sciences. In this podcast we dive into untold history, navigating deception and the great awakening!

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Show Notes:

Crrow777 is an independent researcher in alchemy, spagyrics, and natural sciences. Armed with his telescope, a degree in Internet Technology, experience as a Marine Corps Radio Operator, and 20+ years of direct observation of our skies, he has recorded countless UFOs and anomalies such as the Lunar Wave.

As a result of his discoveries, he challenges the mainstream narrative. Using logical deduction and common sense thinking, he and his co-host, Jason Lindgren, encourage their listeners to question everything during their weekly podcast, Crrow777 Radio.

The accidental capture of the Lunar Wave
Everything is an offer
Episode 300 of 777 Radio
E.Ts vs Other Intelligences
Why astronauts are a hoax
Shoot the moon documentary
There is a hard faced barrier
Why belief is not your friend
Why you need to question everything and let go of all your beliefs
How central banks created the Red vs Blue
Montague Norman speech
Why luciferian’s can’t force us to harm
Why everything is an OFFER
Human beings are the APEX here
Why social programming reduces variety
Why human beings are endowed with the divine spark
Why we must drive fear from ourselves
The meaning of the word Pagan
How we were separated from nature
The equinox is on March 17 and not on the 20th
Understanding who you are in court and life
Saying a prayer to the natural world
Evolutionary trajectory
1611 King James Bible
THE highest control
Success needs to planted in the spring
Why are government are corporations
Fear is an illusion – it is a mind virus
Moving from the age of water into the age of air
Cell Phones as prisons
The Hz Rate on your TV

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