Bruce Boise is the  author of the new explosive book, Cold Comfort: One Man’s Struggle to Stop the Illegal Marketing of Powerful Opioid Drugs and Save Lives

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Bruce Boise is the  author of the new explosive book, Cold Comfort: One Man’s Struggle to Stop the Illegal Marketing of Powerful Opioid Drugs and Save Lives

Having worked as a top pharmaceuticals sales manager for 24 years, did not intend to become a whistleblower nor did he fully understand what he was getting himself into when he encouraged his company to stop illegally marketing off-label use of prescription drugs.

He ended up losing his job, getting black-balled by the industry, becoming homeless after going through a million dollars in assets and savings, and fearing all of his sacrifices and efforts would lead to nothing being done to the company that contributed to our nation’s deadly opioid overdose epidemic.

Why Bruce decided to leave big pharma because they were selling off label products

What is was like to be an informant

The transformation of the experience


The importance of the 1910 Flexner Report

Going up against militant defendants

Using critical management

The mysterious death of Brandy Vaughn

Why the truth always comes out

Why you need to define success

Surviving in the carnival business


Going for life purpose . ..

What is the solutions?

What did you learn?

What would you recommend to younger people?

Integrity, purpose and Profit?

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