Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan & Dr. Barre Paul Lando: Health, Higher Consciousness and Soul Evolution

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Show Notes:

Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory

Why this time has forced us to level up

The Truth Alchemical Process

Why we are in the purification process

The choice of holding on to what doesn’t work

The dark room experience

“Anything that seeks to restrict or bind, by definition is Luciferian” Rudolph Steiner

Choosing our own initiations

Having compassion for our brothers and sisters

The work of Amandha Vollmer

Armageddon means new beginning


The work of Rudolph Steiner

The philosophy of Waldorf School

The wisdom of the Barre

The need for a new educational paradigm

Dr. Barre’s unexplainable experience

Why left and right brain balance is importance

Dr. Walter Russel’s work

Demystifying Spiritual

This is a thought based universe

Stopping the war with yourself

“We are the only sentient beings who can qualify thoughts with EMOTIONS to create them in the Matrix”

The end of the day accounting sheet of LEFT/RIGHT

Why the cards are stacked in our favour

“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

Why truth can be felt in the body

Dr. E’s cosmic experience using Qi Gong

The story of the enlightened man

The creative cycle of man

The higher causal body

Communing with the higher self

Why you don’t need data – You need inner knowing

The most powerful act of social activism

Why controllers try and keep you in polarity

What really matters in life?

Dannion Brinkley Near Death Experiences

The new reality of win-win and mutual support

Why Intent is one of the only things you can know

Bio-geometry and measuring quality and quantity

“I am the resurrection and the life”

Luminous Kids education

Stop wasting energy

Blind fold training

Setting intention before posting

Vortex Mathematics


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