Emily Golden is the author of the new book THE NEW GOLDEN RULE: The Professional Perfectionist’s Guide to Greater Emotional Intelligence, A More Fulfilling Career, and A Better Life

Emily’s Website: https://golden-resources.com/

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Show Notes:

Emily Golden is a professional certified coach who specializes in executive leadership and career coaching. 

She is the author of the new book THE NEW GOLDEN RULE: The Professional Perfectionist’s Guide to Greater Emotional Intelligence, A More Fulfilling Career, and A Better Life

• Golden handcuffs

• Emily’s journey

• Redefining “the golden rule”

• Re-imagining the inner critic

• Getting clear on the “golden self”

• Leading from the heart rather than the head

• Awareness + Heart Centered Action

• The three-step process for total life improvement that begins with identifying and separating survival instincts and habits from the listener’s true Golden Self

• Separating the golden self (highest self) from the survival self

• Understanding vision

• Why emotional intelligence is critical

• EQI 2.0

• Survival Self= automatic, default, 

• Control Enthusiast

• When you recognize the survival vs golden self you then have a choice. Make the choice to come from your BEST SELF!

• The golden self is beyond your comfort zone

• The 4 areas of emotional intelligence

o Self-Awareness: Recognizing your own emotions and impact on your thoughts and others. 

 The feelings wheel

 Being able to sit with your self

 Building self-awareness

o Emotional Expression

 There are consequences from not expressing

 Being vulnerability

o Interpersonal Relationships

 Mutually satisfying relationships with trust and compassion

o Stress Tolerance

 How to manage situations in a positive manor

 The importance of moving your body

• Giving yourself a bit more room for risk and failure

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