Mark Pytellek is an expert in common law and has taught people how to handle commerce, discharge debts, mortgages, and teaches you how to empower yourself in the field of Law.

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Show Notes:

Mark Pytellek guest is the founder of Solutions Empowerment and is well versed in Natural Law

World war two history

The Rothschild Bank

The role of the adversary

Why we have life eternal

1 Samuel Chapter 8 verse 3

Common Law

Understanding Sovereign

Buy a legal dictionary

The Queen swears on the 1611 King James Bible

Ingredients of vaccines – Mercury and Aluminum

Be gentle, ask key questions, our job is to sow seeds

Understanding how to navigate commerce

Book on Contract

Rules of equity, Rules of Common Law, Statute or legislation

Man is not subject to anything but Natural Law

Supreme Court Ruling Cruden vs Neil

Cal Washington and the Notice of Liability

indemnity insurance number

Rules of equity are supreme

How to discharge liabilities

The two sources of energy FEAR and LOVE

Why you should use the word CREATOR vs GOD

Love thy creator and love thy neighbor

The work of Tom Barnett

You need to learn the rules of equity

Taxes are voluntarily compliance and they aren’t required to pay

The one makes the claim bears the burden of proof

The one who makes the claim must provide the remedy

Biden or Trump will be a New World Order

Trumps ancestry

Why we are eternal

Jonathan Grey: Dead man’s secrets

The civilizations of Lemuria and Atlantis

Noah Ark was found

Ark of the Covenant as a power source





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