The Flat Earth with David Weiss

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Show Notes

David Weiss is a successful business man who walked away from his very successful company to pursue spreading the truth about our world.

He is the host of, “The Flat Earth Podcast” and creator of the “Flat Earth Sun, Moon and Zodiac Clock app”.

He has the ability to take anyone from ridiculing the idea of a flat earth to the mind-blowing understanding that we don’t live on a spinning, wobbling, rocketing water ball in an infinite vacuum.

He also shows you why this topic is the MOST important topic of these troubled times.

Welcome to the show David Weiss

David Weiss getting into flat earth

His podcast on conspiracies

The flat earth app

All the Frequently asked questions

Why Elon Musk’s car in space?

Why NASA is nonsense

Werner Bon Braun


The Journey of Admiral Bird

The cosmic egg

The 3 best proofs the earth is flat

The World’s Fairs are not what we think they are

The story of astothenese

What do ancient civilizations think of this

Explaining sunset

The Matrix documentary

You Souls plan – If you align with your plan you’ll have a good ride

Teaching flat earth in the 1900’s

Why would they do this?

Crrrow777 Radio

The purpose is to keep your soul of this planet

You Have Total Free Will

The hydron collider satanic ritual

Why they are doing everything to take our health away

Stop look think .com

Crow777 how to say not to the vaccine

Max Igan

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