Brandon Turner is a professional skateboarder and was a child prodigy. In his teen years he got into alcohol, ended up in jail, and even had a near death experience. He has since turned things around and is helping people in treatment overcome addiction, is back to professional skateboarding and is an outspoken health advocate!​

Brandon’s Website:

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Show Notes:

Brandon Turner is on a mission is to help empower others through his experiences and knowledge with physical fitness, Pilates , nutrition and his personal spiritual journey.

He is sharing his journey of being a professional skateboarder father and friend who has experienced success at an early age many setbacks , hospitals, institutions, broken limbs  and near death experiences .

Coming full circle to make him the person he is today.

Growing up a pro skater

Going to jail

Breaking his leg

Dealing with his cousins death

Sponsorships through AA

The program is in your mind

The BBA program

The trap of being in the ego

Learning to see the lesson in events

Working with Healthy Life Recovery

The Japanese Culture of love, respect, honor

Gentle precision

Movement is medicine











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