Mark Shapiro the founder of the Lovebomb app shares How to Get Into the Experience of Love and Kindness

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Show Notes:

Today’s guest is a Former Showtime Networks exec, a human connection expert and the founder of the LoveBomb app –Β  A social wellness tool for that helps you manage your relationships with a simple system that makes it fun, quick, and easy to nurture one important connection every day.

From sending over 10,000 appreciation videos, inspiring over 50,000 meaningful messages, and giving the premiere TEDx talk on human connection in the digital age, he is at the forefront of social innovation.

Welcome to the show Mark Shapiro

Healthy habit building

How to follow your passion

Marks podcast are you being real

The power of authenticity

Leaving the corporate world

Going beyond fear

The next level of love and connection

Igniting a billion messages of love and kindness

Native American elders advice to do 3 kind acts a day

Mayan Elders advice β€œSpirituality is Action”

Sending personalized video messages on FB

Why you shouldn’t compare yourself to other people’s highlight reels

Why social media is ready to mature

The mental health epidemic

Creating loving community

Why success is in your sphere

The root fear of being ostracized from the group

Why loneliness can be physically worse than smoking

Breaking free of mental prisons

Forming new habits

Opening up to possibility

The power of teachings what you know

Embodying leadership

Universal Winks

Living in an electromagnetic universe

The superpower of making people feel important

Why loneliness is human


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