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Jim Donavan uses the natural benefits of sound, music, and rhythm to help people live healthier lives. As a musician and wellness facilitator, he has led over 3,000 sound healing events since 1995. He’s editor of the Sound Health newsletter, host of the Sound Health podcast, and is a professor at Saint Francis University. As a founding member of the 90’s multi-platinum band Rusted Root, he toured the world and sold over 3 million records. His music has been featured in blockbuster Hollywood movies and television He is the author of Saved by Sound – One Musician’s Story of Illness and the Healing Sounds That Saved Him, and Drum Circle Leadership.



How does sound heal?

Egypt and sound healing Active sound Activating the vagus nerve

The superhighway connecting The sound of OM

The experience of a group of monks chanting in OM in Nepal

Why groups amplify the effect of sound

How to easily activate the parasympathetic nervous system

Getting out of anxiety into peace

Training Vagal tone Using sound to recover from near-death and 5 major surgeries Increasing resilience

Jim’s incredible near-death story Using Vowel Sounds

Do you think the mantras are refined sounds?

The remedy of humming three songs a day

Why spiritual practitioners chant Jim walks us through a somatic sound

Adding the element of intention to add a deeper effect Aligning thought word action

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