David Lonebear Sanipass is a Mi’kmaq Native American storyteller and Star Teachings Archivist. He is also a scientist, engineer, and mathematician.

David’s Websites: www.lonebearsarts.com & www.ancientechoes.org

ART: by David Lonebear Sanipass

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Show Notes:

Shag Harbour
Falcon Lake
Nazca Lines
Giza Pyramids
Underneath the pyramids
Unfound pyramids
London Trip
How do know if it’s a real UFO?
The North Carolina UFO incident
Why do people prank UFO events?
Understanding Mi’kmaq people
How do we have world peace?
The origin of wars being religion
There is a difference between community and democracy
The Native American view of independence day
Our younger generation is using a different language
Write it down
Why things take 90 Days to show up
You have to walk in the direction of what you want
New recommendation 1:20 turn off phone between 10-2 because our magnetic field is strongest

David Lonebear Sanipass Original Art

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