Mi’kmaq Native American, Scientist, Engineer and Star Teachings Archivist David Lonebear Sanipass speaks about ancient technology, contact with intelligent races, and more!

David’s website: www.lonebearsarts.com

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Show Notes:

David Lonebear Sanipass is a Mi’kmaq Native American, Scientist, and Engineer. He trained with over 600 elders for the first 26 years of his life on history, science, engineering, chemistry, physics, and more. He was asked to bring these teachings to the non-natives for the first time ever. In this episode we discuss:

Speaking and meeting David Clifford Mahooty
The balloon project – 400,000 feet in space measuring the electromagnetic film
The signal that is hitting the earth and the number you posted
The new balloons
The Resonator technology
David’s history of being trained by over 600 elders for 27 years
TEAS as the information center of the technology
Amazing grace as a vibrational song through the DOGON
Currency and slavery
What keeps a community together
A way to bring philosophies together to have peace
Why can’t there be one church?
Intelligent races are trying to make contact
How do we know if we are talking with an alien or extraterrestrial?
David speaks about the Amazon burning
The flash drive David keeps with him
15 photos of UFO’s
Jacques fresco speaks about institutions wanting to hold their establishment
The signal from space found by NASA with a number

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