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Michael Gendler coached Tristan de Montebello to become the fastest competitor in history to reach the Finals of the World Championship of Public Speaking. Since then, they have founded and made it their mission to help people speak confidently and authentically under pressure. Together they host public speaking masterclasses, conduct private coaching, and help low-income high school students build confidence. Through their work, they have discovered that the key to effective communication is not what you think.

How to improve self-confidence
How public speaking can help with everything else
How comedians build their content to eventually create a television special
Why we are conditioned to the quick fix
The one truth is self-expression comes from expressing themselves
The barrier to public speaking is the fear of revealing yourselves
The disease of identity
The conductor exercise – using the arm as a conductor to increase or lower energy of body and words
Why the fear of getting started keeps you from moving forward
The science around the power of asking someone’s name
The Buddhist 8 fold path
The Stanford Experiment of Prison Inmates and Guards
The deepest level is a human connection
Some tools for development
Toastmasters and Improv
#1 Problem holding people back
Into the wild book – unconscious vs conscious acting
Authenticity in speech – leads to authenticity in life
Tony Robbins – jumping on a tramp and incantation “ God please give me the energy, wisdom, to serve.”
The gift of bombing
The gift of failing
Becoming familiar with the uncomfortable
Realizing any skill can be learned
Life is like a bicycle, why?


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