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Show Notes:

Carlos Barrios is a Ajq’ij Maya born in Guatemala. He coordinated the Spiritual points of humanity for Central America and coordinated the water project for Central America with Unesco
The grandfathers have given him the mission to share the prophecies of the Maya with the rest of the world. He is also the writer of “The Book of Destiny”

Amaya is a Mystic, traveling Ambassador of wisdom and creator of the Atlantean Magnetic Balancing Guided self-healing technique as described in ancient text and the Atlantean Academy workshops.

The history of Tikal
The 4 Most important cities to the Mayan People
The powerful energy of the temples
5200 Temples in Tikal estimated by the Elders
The Mayans believe we have over 20 senses, not just 5
Fire Ceremony
The importance of the 21st of December
The civil war in Guatemala in an attempt to stop ritual and genocide the indigenous
The Council of Elders of the Continent
The Mayan Màn people
We are at the beginning of our intergalactic federation in this moment
Why December 21, 2012, the Mayan’s never said it was destroyed it was actually the end of a cycle
We are leaving the “fire” era
The prophecy of water shortage if we do not pay attention
Reading a declaration of liberation for the planet in as many languages as you can
The new word for spirituality is ACTION
Ancients, Atlantis, 20,00 massacre, Ancients, Galactic Knowledge, Peace – speaking the declaration into the fire
Moving into a new age
The Mayan Cycle of 21st for 5 days
Speaking into the fire for peace and prayer and asking beings for help
Why we are enclosed in a celestial room
The effect of the moon on the people and the planet – why we should pay attention to lunar cycles
The Mayan Fire Ceremony
Why the elders didn’t meditate but concentrated on their direction of choosing to create their reality – to connect the energy to create the reality
Lord Choc
The Tikal Pyramids and the Giant Skeletons with Elongated Heads
The crystal skulls with elongated heads
Chocolate and Cacao ceremonies

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