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Show Notes:

According to today’s guests—authors of the new book, The Ten Worlds: The New Psychology of Happiness we all have nine basic beliefs about how to achieve lasting happiness, and all of them are wrong.

Dr. Lickerman, a primary care physician and Dr. El-Difrawi, a clinical psychologist who later transitioned to a career in marketing, argue that these nine erroneous beliefs or “core delusions” are so deeply embedded into our thinking that we cannot escape them. In fact, they lead to nine basic life-conditions or worlds through which we all continuously cycle. And because these worlds are created by delusions, the happiness they produce is fragile and temporary. The Ten Worlds steers readers towards the tenth world, a psychological state created by a belief in a core truth that leads to absolute happiness. In this show we discuss;

Why Happiness is determined by your beliefs
How your worlds are created
The world of hell
The world of hunger – getting what you want will make you happy
The world of Animality – physical pleasure, substances, short-term gain will take
The world of Anger – World of EGO, insecurity, control, anger toward inward, need to be better than others
The world of tranquility – belief that happiness is avoidance of pain – don’t want to risk pain
The world of rapture – Turning point world – good at appreciating what they have
The world of learning – happiness is created from creating meaningful things – create
something that outlasts you – the first of the higher worlds
The world of realization – attached to self-development, overcoming weaknesses, challenging
The world of compassion – happiness comes from helping people become happy
The world of enlightenment the 10th world – possible to be in the worst case scenario and actually be joyful – not attached to any external conditions – it’s about perceiving
The emotion of AWE – that allows you to move into enlightenment
The growing neuroscience of happiness
Perceiving the world as sublime –
The default mode network of the brain
Awakening experiences
Psychedelic – shuts down the sense of self
What is the state of enlightenment
More than one path to enlightenment
Basic life tendency – homeostasis
What is relative happiness – happiness determined by something external

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