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Show Notes:

Tom Campbell is a physicist who began researching altered states of consciousness with Bob Monroe at Monroe Laboratories in the early 1970s.

These early, drug-free, consciousness pioneers helped design experiments, developed the technology for creating specific altered states, and were the main subjects of study all at the same time.
He has been a serious explorer of the frontiers of reality, mind, consciousness, and psychic phenomena for the last forty years and continuing.

In 2003, he published the My Big TOE trilogy which represents the results and conclusions of his scientific exploration of the nature of existence.

The MBT reality model explains metaphysics, spirituality, love, and human purpose at the most fundamental level, provides a complete theory of consciousness and solves the outstanding fundamental physics problems of our time, deriving both relativity theory and quantum mechanics from first principles – something traditional physics cannot yet do.

Why C is a constant?
The Paradox’s of Physics
The Big Bang Theory
Consciousness and Relativity Theory
Relativity and Quantum mechanics
It’s not about doing it’s about being
Our intent modifies the future probability
Intention can be weak or powerful?
Focus or WillWhy motivation can increase will
The Maharishi effect
What it means to consciously evolve
Why groups can modify future probabilities are more powerful
How to move beyond fear
Define a collective consciousness
Mainstream scientists are the new high priests
Why we have the potential to change the world for the first time ever
Why we are in an information-based world and not a mass-based
Double-Slit experiment
Going Beyond the Virtual RealityHow to make good choices – not through ego and fear
As consciousness you are IMMORTAL
Mandela effect
Science digging out the rule sets of the simulation
Why “magnetic-electrical” fields are made up
Repetition goes beyond intellect into your being level
Who created the virtual reality?
The fundamental attributes of GOD
The way forward does not require perfection
Be authentic
There is no best place to start only the best time

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