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Show Notes:

Gerald Clark holds a masters of Science in Electrical Engineering, Electronic Circuits, and Systems, from the University of California San Diego and is the author of 7th Planet Mercury rising and the Annunaki of Nibiru. He has also created an incredible library of videos and teachings online.

Here are some things we discuss;

Flying Helicopters in the military
Geralds background and moving into structural integration
William Reich
Why this is an illusion
Gravity Body Course
The diamond lecture series
The book “the final theory” Mark Mcuchen
Why gravity is the key to understanding this universe
Why athletics need to understand gravity
Thinking about your body has an electrical body
Chakras as neurological physical centers
The human Antenae
Polychromatic Photography
Gravity in you
Gravity and Consciousness
StarFyre Gold
How to balance your chakras
Why the human body is malleable plastic
Einsteins Elevator Experiment
Changing your relationship to breath
Go Vegan
No Alcohol
Taking monoatomic metals
StarFyre Gold
Hybridization Programs
9 Races
The holographic Simulator
Distinguish your self from your not self
Diesel Automatic – Rapper
Slave Sensors – Materialism – mental nutriments – new Kayne west song
Two ways to activating higher self – purify your consciousness s subjugate the ego
The lost teachings of Atlantis Jon Peniel
Masters of the FarEast
Masters or Advanced Species
Structural Integration

ART: Louis Dyer


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