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Show Notes:

Raana Zia has spent her career holding executive-level leadership roles in large Fortune 500 companies including the position of Chief Financial Officer.

She has spent over 15 years developing leaders and coaching people and teams to maximize their abilities and achieve their goals in the corporate world. Her passion for personal and leadership development and an intense desire to discover her own purpose and potential led her down an unexpected path of self-realization and spirituality.

Her journey into self-discovery opened her up to a greater understanding of her direct connection and influence over her reality. Her realizations and personal experiences compelled her to write Your Hidden Light in order to share with others what she believes is the most direct and efficient path to achieving your desires and living a life of happiness, continued growth, and fulfillment

She plans to further pursue her passion for maximizing the human potential by being a spark in the movement of self-realization and empowerment. In this show we discuss;

Raana’s story of success in the corporate world
Her own spiritual Journey
Your Life is your memory
Who you are
How to build awareness and correct thinking
Chapter 4 is the Power of words and being conscious of the words you use
Chapter 5 Emotions
Why Gratitude is Magic
4 Step process of creation
The Nature of Duality and why everything is a choice
The power of story and personal stories
‘The importance of questioning what reality is?
Why when you take action the universe will support you
Why we must push past fear to get to the next level
How can we empower kids with this knowledge?
Let’s talk about cultural programming?
Lazy vs Hard Working vs Necessity
Relax, Get clear on what you want, and ACT than the universe responds
Why creating your reality deliberately is a daily discipline
If you fight for your limitations you get to keep them
The 4 Step Creation Process 1. Clear thought, desire Intention and develop the belief you CAN do it 2. Gratitude – believe you have achieved your goal 3. Detachment 4.Take Action

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