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ART: Erial

Show Notes:

Stephanie Lodge is a licensed minister and practitioner of Metaphysics, as well as an author, transformational speaker, conscious media producer, and Angelic mysteries expert, who specializes in soul empowerment and living light alchemy.

As an Angelic Scientist, she shares the wisdom she receives directly from Source as presented through the collective frequencies of light intelligence she calls the Angelic Light Streams. She began her journey of awakening through the guidance of this entourage of Archangelic light.

Today she refers to herself as a channel of living light, or a Light Stream. She defines Angels as “Living Light”

She hosts a podcast on spiritual empowerment called Angels in the Buff, with advice from the “angel angle” on countless topics.

We discuss;

Are angels real?
Working with Angels
What is a
72 Names of GOD
Connecting with the Divine
What is an angelic scientist?
Working with GOD
Getting to the frequency of faith
How do we live in faith?
Spirituality is a lifetime journey
How to be a living angel
The Rise of the Serial Narcissist – Martial Arts – humility
Allowing belief systems to expand – flight
The Hug Mob
The Path of Christ – Sovereign Union
Twin Flame
Christ is recognizing your divinity
“I know that I am sovereign (abundant) beyond all measure and belief”
Following hearts guidance
Playing on Fears/Mystical powers – faith healing – Darren Brown
Women’s empowerment – don’t be a victim
We are impatient – we want to understand with the intellect but it’s not possible – it’s an unknowable force


May Love, Joy, Passion, Peace, and Prosperity fill your life! Namaste 🙏

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