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Show Notes:

Jaclyn Ouillette has gone from Bed Ridden to Black Belt. She is a Martial Artist, Runner, mom and women’s empowerment guide.

She is a spiritual teacher who supports women’s transformation through facilitating various events such as sound healing, martial arts, wilderness retreats and more.

Asking Who AM I in the forest
How do you make decisions under stress in the wilderness?
Feeling like life was figured out a 24 on top of a mountain leading retreats
Experiencing spirits all around and a portal in her room
How she had to go through another reality and question if she was alive
Got diagnosed with Lyme
Could hear voices in her head and got diagnosed by a psychiatrist
Got diagnosed with a bunch of syndromes and didn’t get better after going to over 15 specialists and couldn’t get better
Had the thought that I didn’t want to be here on earth anymore
Had a dream and talked to a voice and experience with being put in the body of a toddler
Made a promise that if I survived I would share the story and that I would really LIVE
Had the realization that she was the only one she could heal herself
The first step was to write a gratitude letter to the disease
Studying with a Peru Ancient Lineage Cairo– Mook Aikee got initiated with the 9 Rights
Started to hike in Peru again but walked on the earth in a different way
What Jaclyn did to start healing her mind, body, and spirit
Jaclyn’s introduction to Native American Elder David Lonebear Sanipass
How training Shokai helped you respond rather than react to situations
The Cairo teaches that we live in a physical bubble that tells us what to do
The Cairo fire breath
Jaclyn’s most powerful experiences learning from these ancient indigenous elders
The Mantra “RAMA DASA SO ON” Focusing on the vibration
Putting the power back inside rather than focusing on the outside


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