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Show Notes:

Dr. Wysong is the author of nine books, numerous scientific articles, and decades of health newsletters.

He has practiced veterinary surgery and medicine, taught college courses in human anatomy, physiology, and the origin of life, invented hundreds of surgical, clinical, nutritional, and fitness related products, and developed health-first, food science and processing technology facilities.

We explore:

Randy’s history in science, medicine, religion, and spirituality
Tom’s book Creation vs Evolution Controversy
How to find truth?
Reason, Evidence, Conscious, Experience, ethics, justice, Natural Law Disproving Evolution and the materialist view
Exploring natural laws
Law of Thermodynamics
Law of Information
Laws of Time
Exploring Free Will
Questioning Religion
The council of Nicaea
Evolution and Materialism vs Religion and the THIRD WAY
Free Will Proving we are other
Study of blood cells
Study on flower and consciousness
Experienced his awakening after becoming open to the possibilities going beyond mind – Near Death Experiences, Out of Body, ETC
The Pursuit of Truth
Why there is there suffering
Understanding You are an Eternal Being
How to connect with GOD/SPIRIT/TRUTH

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