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Kim Fiske is a respected professional Keynote Speaker, Life Coach, Author, and Thought-Leader.

She is sought after for her ability to convey to audiences provocative concepts and practical ways to deal with what she has coined as the “monster under the bed”.

Uncovering the lie that drives us (something is not ok)
Let’s talk about your principles
What is self-actualization? How do we evolve?
Listen to understand not to be understood
Connecting with people
People have good intentions
Let’s talk about September 12, 2001
Seeking understanding
Fear is a precursor to death
Understanding shame
Why we are products of our emotional brain
Why we can rewire our brains
10 Monster Tracks Pain, Blame, Shame, People Pleasing
The Courage to do self-inquiry of identity
How we are addicted to the chemicals in your body

ART: Cameron Gray https://parablevisions.com/gallery/

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