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Show Notes:

Don Estes: Today’s guest currently serves as CEO and Director of InnerSense Inc., and Psiometric Science, Inc. He is a certified medical technologist, laboratory director, and neuroscientist. He has lectured worldwide on sensory science and vibrational medicine, appearing on CNN, NBC, ABC, Discovery, and others. In this show we discuss;

Expanding on the electromagnetic spectrum
We are at the vibration of choice
The triunity of reality
An expanded model of the human nervous system
Understanding runners high
Don’s theory of Sensory resonance
Parasympathetic vs Sympathetic nervous systems
Realizing there is a pharmacy inside of our head
Trying to solve the discrepancy between gravity and quantum math
Exploring absolute reality
Absolute Scale of Relative Cosmic Reality
Player vs the instrument
The Actual vs Potential Universe
The Wave Equation
Real vs Imaginary
The 10 Kingdoms of reality
Spiritual Technology Summit
Religion vs Spirituality
Animal Self vs Spiritual Self – We are neither one – We are the consciousness and choice in the middle
Don’s definition of the soul – choosing spirit over animal
The dumbing down through technologies
The biggest problem in the world is the fact that people don’t know who they are
The 4 Forces in physics – strong, weak, electromagnetism, gravityProving geometry comes from real and imaginary
What is the most basic and most underlying factor of what reality isHow intention becomes real



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