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About the show:

Today’s gust became a registered nurse and worked in Intensive Care and
Home Health for the duration of her 20-year career. She then decided to
explore other aspects of the healing profession and has trained in
Reconnective Healing and Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing Hypnosis

She is the CEO of Ozark Mountain Publishing, as well
as the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy. She is also the host of the
Metaphysical Hour radio show on BBS Radio!

Realizing that we are the creators
Removing the 3D elements – Time, Beliefs,
The importance and power of starting your day on a positive note
The first and most important aspect of healing
Learning to heal yourself
How do you communicate with your body?
Why you should Redefine Normal
There is nothing to fear
The Expanding Consciousness Speaker Lineups
Disclosure as an individual process
Seeking your own understanding
Finding your own truth
How to go through the bad things in your life
Addictions – Are ways to escape and why?
An update on QHHT a message to the world


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