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Since she was a little girl today’s guest has had the ability to connect with loved ones from the other side, through a process of automatic writing, as well as having vivid dreams that were becoming real. She has developed the ability to truly connect with different guidance through her life.

Eventually, she relocated to the US, where she was connected with an E.T. race that called themselves, Hybrids. The Hybrids taught her to telepathically connect and hear them with the new metaphysical teachings.

She learned the structure of the universe, and the connection with consciousness, the quantum field, parallel realities, dimensions and the true existence and nature of the E.T. races.

She documented this information in two books called ‘The Harmonic Reactor’ and the latest book, ‘NanoTechnologies’.

The technologies are about teleportation, parallel realities, dimension, densities, healing, and the life AI consciousness for quantum computer algorithms.

In this show we discuss;

Her amazing experiences
Communicating with other ET’s
Living in a hologram
The difference between ET’s and Higher Consciousness
Time is fractal
Rewiring DNA through sound vibration
Open Everything, Allow Donate
Transitioning from 3rd Dimension to 5th Dimensional
You have to change the code from the heart
Two types of Artificial Intelligence – 1. Archon based 2. Heart-Based/ HUmanity
You must Choose to Ascend
Crypto Currency
Ascension process
Two bedrooms home for 10G
How to contact higher beings


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