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About this show:

Today’s guest is a Zuni Pueblo Indian elder, and member of the tribal orders of the Kachina Priesthood, Galaxy medicine society, Sun Clan, and wisdom keeper of the Zuni history and spiritual practices.

He is a retired Civil/Environmental Engineer and has worked for Shell Oil Company and various US government programs for housing, planning design and construction of Indian reservation infrastructures and school projects.

He also served in the US Public Health Service, as a commissioned officer, to provide services to American Indian communities and as the National Environmental Justice Coordinator for the 561 federally recognized Indian tribes.

He coordinated with various agencies of federal, state and tribal governments to enforce laws and regulations to protect sacred sites, and lands against desecration, pollution of natural resources, illegal taking of artifacts, burials, and sacred objects.

We discuss:

Cliffords background
Why The Bureau of Indian affairs is failing
The Indian Casino Fallacy
Working with Star Children to share this message
Television was the first deviation from the spiritual way of being (technology)
Religion is used for fear and control
The Catholic influence on Native Tribes
The Indian Removal Act
How the Smithsonian did damage to native sacred sites
Why respect was important and one of the most important teachings
The Hoax of the Blue Star Kachina
UFO’s and Big Foot
What is a finished man?
What happens when you die?
What are Kachina’s
“Cosmic Magic”
How the government destroyed sacred lands of native Americans
How the declaration of independence was copied of the Iroquois
“Expedition to Sipapu” Clifford’s Video

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