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Dr. Robert Morse: No matter what your age, health is one of your greatest assets while you’re living your journey on this planet. Because of the type of foods and chemicals man has been consuming, humans have created a state of toxicity, genetic weakness and degeneration of cells never seen before in any species.

His clinic has been dedicated to truth and using regenerative detoxification to assist humans and animals get back to health for over 40 years.

In this show we discuss;

Understanding Aloneness
Living in a car as a fruitarian
Getting to the root of the disease
How to leave your body
Let yourself become god absorbed
Changing your view and seeing yourself as divine
Two sides of chemistry, Acid vs Alkaline
The missing understanding of Dr.’s
Interstitial Spaces
How mother’s milk can transfer disease
Recently found a lymphatic system in the brain
Looking at food as an electrical system
The Protein Myth
Superfoods for babies
Fruits, berries, salads, melon,
Breakfast fruit, lunch, salad,
The Miracle of a GRAPE DIET
Herbs can cure tumors
Dr. Morse recommendation of supplements – Herbs
PALEO myth
Dry Fasting – 24-48
Water Fasting
Fruit Juice
10 Day Lemon Juice Fast
40 Days itself
Green Drinks
Become the observer – don’t observe – don’t categorize
Recommended Reading: J Krishnamurti how to travel to GOD Worlds FUBI QUANTZ, Eck Masters, Paul twitchell, World of Satnam, Shabdi Yogi, Mani Swami Group, Key to Secret world
Walk In’s
Cosmic Consciousness – Beyond the ID or the individual self
The Five Forms: Physical, emotion, mental, individual, consciousness
Astral Worlds, Galaxies
Your attention is YOU
Technique Laying in your bed, relax, let go, place your attention on the top of the ceiling and look down at your body
How to work with Higher Beings


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