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About the show: Alamir is a 17-year-old Poet who has an absolutely extraordinary story of bullying, survival and overcoming to eventually find spirit and God. In this episode we discuss:

His extraordinary story of being bullied
How he tried to commit suicide
Where Am I, Who AM I, Why AM I
How to go through pain?
You have no purpose, life is the purpose”- Alamir
Toxic Spirituality
You have to accept and embrace the current reality
The 4 Aspects of Self 1. Intellect 2. EGO 3. Memory 4. Consciousness
Real Life Begins at the end of survival
We imagine to bypass or surpass reality rather than being fully immersed in it bypass or surpass
Taking away the boundaries to touch the consciousness
The boundary between you and GOD
Compulsiveness vs Consciousness
Prana vs Kundalini

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~ Matthew Belair

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