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Brian Bergford is a Peak Performance coach at Bergford Performance. He specializes in helping motivated athletic business owners gain the tools to take their businesses and their lives further. He is focused on creating a powerful psychology and mindset which is colored by a depth of experience across a number of disciplines. We discuss;

The art of Communication
Dog Training basics
Formula for truth
Seeking understanding
How to deal with negative people?
Taking accountability, compassion, none of your business
How to create a winning
How can we create a winning mindset?
How can we create a winning mindset
How to transform adversity into power
How to deal with life when the shit hits the fan – is this terrible or an opportunity?
I like the this is an opportunity? This is the best thing for me!
Surrender is a fundamental piece to mastery
How to make everyday life the “Stanley Cup Winning Moment?”
The Process Vs. The Objective
Sustainable peak performance
Is my world controlled from inside or outside?
Taking 100% responsibility
Cultivating a winning mindset – How often do I visit our successes?
The identity you hold for yourself – Self Talk
What does an identity consist of? Values, Beliefs, Past, Skills, looks What is NOT our identity?

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May Love, Joy, Passion, Peace, and Prosperity fill your life!

~ Matthew Belair

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