Sound and frequency technology has been proven to have a massive effect on the physical environment and our bodies. Cymatrax CEO Alan Brunton shares his breakthrough research and technology in this episode;

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– Alan’s history and how his father was an inventor who would use Tesla technology
– What white noise really does
– Why radio and television uses white noise to slow down a cognitive ability
– The incredible studies that have been done on frequency and vibration
– Exploring artificial intelligence
– Stress causing 85% of all disease on the planet and how sound can dramatically decrease it
– The work of Dr. Bruce Lipton
– The Mozart Effect
– Royal Rife Technology
– The difference between the emotional and physical response of sound
– How EFT works on the central nervous system
– Tuning the music with Pythagoras tuning
– How Hitler and Nazi Germany used frequency to manipulate and why it got adopted worldwide
– The healing effects of frequency and autism

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