Alexander Dunlop has been trained as a Roman Catholic priest, initiated as a Swami in India, and apprenticed to Indigenous Shamans. He is a Harvard graduate and former Wall Street consultant. He is the author of Play Your Cards Right: A Sacred Guide To Life On Earth. In this episode we discuss;

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– Cards as the book of life, book of knowledge, or Thoth
– Cards showing and teaching us about the dynamics of life
– Playing cards as a mathematical formula
– Uncovering our life template
– Life as a game
– Living life as your favourite game to play
– Discover the archetypal meaning behind Hearts, Diamonds, Clubs, and spades
– The four suits as elemental and fractal in nature
– Why the apocalypse is happening now and why it’s a good thing
– Having the courage to go into the unknown
– Cards vs Tarot
– Our extraterrestrial origin, human DNA modification and aliens
– Honouring your own life map

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