Gerald Clark is an electrical engineer and author of The Annunaki of Nibiru and the 7th planet mercury rising. He is an expert in the field of ancient history and has powerful evidence to support a radically different worldview. In this episode we discuss;

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– The work of Laurence Gardner, Zecharia Sitchin, and Erich Von Daniken
– Ancient Sumeria and the Cuneiform tablets
– The Annunaki as a mix of races
– The city of UR
– The Enki and Enlil story
– Jesus as a multidimensional BEing
– A different view of the Bible
– Poimander and Hermes
– The Laws of Atlantis
– Emerald Tablets of Thoth
– The plans of the new world order
– How to avoid the coming slavery and destruction
– Activating your Merkaba and light body
– The sun activating our DNA and riding a wave of consciousness

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