Unity Grace is a gifted oracle and natural shaman that walked the planet for 7 years carrying sacred bundles and water from indigenous tribes. After an abrupt awakening experience in Hawaii, the last 7 years of her life has been like a sci-fi movie. She has recently opened up her journey and experience. In this episode we discuss;

– Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work and books “You are the Placebo” and “Becoming Supernatural”
– Bruce Liptons work with Biology
– Neural Pruning
– The Whole brain relaxation technique
– Letting go of the lower Akash (akashic records) and moving into Galactic Akash
– Understanding the power of your body, avatar and the 64 Codon system
– How the Hawaiin missile timeline averted
– Understanding “Acauasal” existence
– Re-thinking consciousness, reality and the intelligence of the body

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