Marina Jacobi is an intuitive channel that has learned to connect with many higher dimensional beings and group consciousness such as the Pleiadians, RA, 11th-dimensional beings and more. They have given her information over the years, which she shares for free in her books the Harmonic Reactor and Nanotechnology. We dive deep in this episode and discuss;

Marina’s website:
– Marina’s incredible story about how she developed her abilities
– Why you are projecting a hologram around you and how to step outside of it
– Teleporting from one reality into another
– Heart energy projection
– Quantum Manifestations
– The importance of controlling your emotions
– Why it serves you to be your BEST self to everyone
– The steps to Quantum manifestation
– The difference between dimensions and densities
– 5th dimensional based on abundance and giving from the heart
– Nanotechnology
– The importance of diet and detoxing

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