Rex Bear is the creator of the leak project on a mission to get real news to the masses!

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Today’s Guest created The Leak Project to offer awareness and information not found in the mainstream news. With over 90% of the Worlds Media controlled by only 5 Enormous Conglomerates, many people are looking for more accurate information. The Leak Project offers a refreshing approach to the brain drain media. They bring you the cutting edge in news, current events, on-scene video footage, interviews, and information.

In this episodes we discuss: Rex’s experience as a toddler The Sumerian’s kings list SumerianTablets

Artificial Intelligence

Anana’s descent to the netherworld

The Prat Z report

The Annunaki Enki and Nimma

Zachariah Sichen Oxford

Nibru vs NIbiru

The AI that communicated with each other Legit

UFO people Bob Lazar

How to have peace in the world

Priming the mind Egypt story of the balls

Naghamati scriptures

Mastering Astral Projection




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