The Coming Global Revolution

Rainn Wilson talks about his view on the coming global revolution.  I agree with this video as I see  humanity moving from a destructive self serving consciousness to a new awakened consciousness. The characteristics of this evolved consciousness will be love, compassion, togetherness, awareness, self sustainability and care for the planet and all of it’s creatures. The system we live in is so clearly broken and the only way for us to survive as a species is to tear the walls down of our current given and accepted paradigm and rebuild new institutions, social beliefs, and ways of thinking that honour or true nature. This revolution will be an evolution of consciousness where we switch from the insanity of war, self service, and destruction to the sanity and purity of love for ourselves and others. You can be a part of the evolution and change right now without waiting because it is here now. You are making more of an impact than you could possibly know by being kind to others, showing compassion, lending a hand. These small gestures go a long way and when people begin acting like this the love will spread like wildfire and we’ll soon hit the turning point where we’ll look back at our ways with awe in wondering how we ever could have acted in such an archaic and ruthless manor towards each other and the planet. Be the change today, show kindness, love and compassion today and know deep down inside it is making a MASSIVE DIFFERENCE!

Ted Talk on Modern Slavery: Be Grateful

The fact that modern slavery exists as I have witnessed first hand throughout my travels can and will break your heart if you truly accept the truth of the cruelty of the world. The important thing is not to allow yourself to fall into depression but to be aware, to open the conversation and to do the little things you can to help. Each person is on their own journey and some choose extremely difficult paths. To witness slavery should give you great opportunity to show gratitude for your own situation, to inspire you to show love and compassion to everyone you meet. You are FREE, everyone is struggling with something and your actions may go a long way without you knowing it. We are all one and we must start acting like it!

Ten Ways to Be More Zen

The paradox of Zen is that it is here and now and there is nothing to be attained. The essence of Zen is to LET GO and BE PRESENT in each and every moment. As your mind wanders, worries, frets, creates anxiety, and is let loose it creates mental baggage that cloud the mind. A pure mind has focus and achieving this type of focus must be practiced to achieve the results. I invite you to simply choose one or two of the following list and apply it with ultimate discipline for a day and you’ll notice within a short time a great weight being lifted from your shoulders.


Ten ways to Zen

Ten ways to Zen


Discover the Real You – Alan Watts Video Lecture

In this brief video by Alan Watts about the real you it contains more truth than I can express and mystery in it’s simplicity for those who are in the process of waking up or enlightenment. The main principle of this brief video is realizing that you are one with all things and that you are at the same time the centre of the universe in your experience and you hold real and infinite power. Consciousness and the human experience is simply a learning process in which we forget our true power and connectedness and our purpose is to find it again or put even more simply to be alive, to grow, to work in accordance with everything, naturally as a tree grows. Observe the silence, observe your feelings, this understanding can never be realized with the conscious mind thinking it’s way there, so you must begin to let go of who you are, rather who you “think” you are. You must let go totally, completely, and absolutely and in doing so you will discover the real you. You are everything, you are the creator, be kind to yourself and embrace your right to freedom of mind, body, and soul.